"Musicians should never forget that we're blessed. We have a
           special gift that people can enjoy through us."
Ed Thigpen (jazz drummer) 

We are great friends who love playing jazz for people.  We call our music "classic jazz with a twist" because we blend the classic jazz style with a fresh electric sound that includes Fender Rhodes keyboard and electric bass. We have played hundreds of gigs together and enjoy the challenge and opportunity of performing live.

Meet the band . . . 

Phyllis Heppner - Keyboards
Phyllis is a well-established piano teacher and festival adjudicator.  In 2003, she was awarded the ARCT Teacher’s degree with the highest mark in Canada. Though classically trained, Phyllis enjoys expanding her musical experience into the jazz scene as a performer and composer.  Her husband Ken is her own personal fan and “roadie”. Phyllis owns and operates a busy music studio - The Musik Shop

Doug Dunbar - Guitars and Sax

Doug began his formal music education playing saxophone in high school. At 15 he took up guitar and hasn’t put it down since. His jazz training began through private lessons with Bruce Childs in Elkford, BC. Bruce introduced Doug to the great jazz guitarists Joe Pass, Herb Ellis, Pat Metheny and the world of jazz in general. Doug attended Grant MacEwan Community College, where he studied with Tom Gilroy and Bobby Cairns. He graduated with with a Diploma in Music Performance in 1993. Doug teaches guitar and saxophone, passing on his knowledge and experience with students. Doug has extensive experience in live performance, arranging, and recording.  

Gerry Teichrob - Bass

Gerry’s introduction to jazz started when he built his own radio at age 10. The only station it picked up played jazz every evening.  In no time he was hooked, always listening while supposedly doing his homework. At age 15 he got his first bass and knew that was the instrument for him.  He quickly discovered a great love for those amazing jazz walking bass lines and continued his musical education with private lessons, classes, and playing every chance he got. Gerry is a registered music teacher with the Registry of Guitar Tutors - London College of Music and has taught and performed extensively. 

Tyler Friesen - Drums

Quintessential welcomes Tyler Friesen to the drum chair.  (June 2015) He has been gigging in all kinds of venues and styles for 20 years.  Along with playing at his church on a weekly basis, the bulk of Tyler's work as a drummer has been in the pop/rock (Little Brother Band) and progressive rock (Greylevel) worlds.  His first love is jazz and he's loving the chance to get back to the roots of his love of music with Quintessential. Tyler brings a strong sense of groove and song-form to any band that calls on him.